What I do?

360HealthQuotient`s aim is to help you identify your wellness goals and to design a nutrition, fitness and well-being program that suit your physical and emotional needs. At 360HealthQuotient, we are committed to using a 100 percent holistic approach while ensuring our clients` primary and secondary nutritional needs are in balance with their lifestyles to facilitate meaning and purpose towards optimal wellness.
Transforming lives is essential  at 360HealthQuotient — from our range of superfoods products, exercise regimen, organic skin care products and other expert personalized expert programs, we feel confident our professional expertise in every area we research will make a difference in a person`s life. All our natural and organic ingredients are traced for quality and to maintain our company`s ethos and philosophy in protecting the environmental and maintaining a healthy carbon footprints.

About the Founder

At 360HealthQuotient, we believe in using a holistic approach to optimal wellness. The connection of the spirit, body and mind is what gives us the soul food to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally coalesced and aligned to our purpose. We know that certain natural plant based supplements have been used for thousands of years, have transformed lives, and still do today resulting in impactful transformations.
Zalina, Founder 360HealthQuotient, has practiced a true well-being journey all her life based on ancient and present Ayurvedic wisdom achieving transformative results throughout her life. Her holistic approach has helped individuals globally in restoring their energy and vitality, enhancing their well-being, reclaiming their health, boosting their metabolism and balancing their hormones in all areas that lead to more productive and happier lives. Her personalized program, supported by a vibrant community, aims to improve one`s health and happiness.

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