Your Guide In Functional Nutrition

Zalina Wälchli

Holistic Beauty & Wellness, Luxury Organic Skin Care Brand Owner ,Certified Integrative Personalized Nutrition, Health Coach, Yoga Pilates Instructor, Author & Motivational Speaker

Clare Mooney

Cranio-Sacral Therapeutic Bodywork, Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy, NLP Coaching

Dr. Tattiline Titus

Clinical MD, Ayurveda Medicinal and Science Expert, India

Ryan Farrelly

Health & Fitness Expert. Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer. Owner of Feel Good Fitness, Zürich

Alex Fradlin, Msc.

Msc. Computer Science, DNA Research, Eco Innovation, Ancient Vedic Theologist & Meditation Expert

Harendra Joshi, M.D.

Neuroscientist, Founder Joshi Research Institute India & Joshi Health Inc., DNA Research Scientist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Master Yogi, Feng Shui & Vaastu

Ursula Bamert

Personal Yoga & Pilates Instructor. Certified Bodybalance & Body Pump, Switzerland


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Experience & Understand The Healing Powers of Integrative Functional Nutrition. This program is perfect for those who want to understand food intolerances, the effect on your physical and mental well-being. You want to become clear on a holistic approach to improve vitality, energy, the quality of life and the environment. You are interested in health and nutrition, and want to learn how to use food to work for you effectively.

By signing up, you`ll have access to videos, recipes, podcasts, mentors, nutritionist, health and fitness experts and practitioners and BONUS - The Ultimate Guide to Natural Healing - Green Beauty.


How to Prepare Your Home and Kitchen for Optimal Health and Nutrition

In this module we will explain the basic building blocks of a healthy, natural, and sustainable ..

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Ultimate Guide to Superfoods & Detox: Cleaning Out Toxins For A Regenerated You

1. Superfoods - the ultimate guide step by step and why superfoods? 2. Introduction to Detox 3..

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Functional Eating and Optimizing the Nutritional Value of Meals

1. Healthy Cooking Techniques 2. Introduction To Healthy Cooking Techniques 3. Soaking & Sprou..

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Popular Diets: Keto, Mediterranean, Gluten-Free, Paleo and more

1. Popular Diets: Study Guide 2. Introduction To Popular Diets 3. Vegetarian 4. Mediterranean..

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Gut Health: Healing The Gut To Enhance Overall Health

1. Gut Health: Study Guide 2. Introduction To Gut Health and Inflammation 3. Gut Physiology 4..

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Module 6

Reversing The Ageing Process & Improving Vitality - Ageless Naturally

1. Anti-Aging: Study Guide 2. Introduction To Anti-Aging 3. Anti-Aging & Inflammaging 4. Infl..

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Zalina Wälchli is an Indie Beauty Entrepreneur, a Holistic Health, Beauty & Wellness Coach...

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